Content monetization through NFT

Platform for cinema lovers and TV show fans where they can buy NFT for Web3 movie experience and become connected with their favorite studios and characters
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Specialised NFT platform for film industry and TV companies
Provides everything your business needs to launch NFT projects in-house
Crypto and credit card payments availability to attract wide audience
Platform customization for business requests
Monetization of existing content and promotion of new ones
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Search & Explore adopts to user interest based on a variety of factors including user history, likes and savings, etc. Smart selections of relevant content will engage users in more franchises
Kinoverse is where fans come to buy, sell and collect officially licensed collectibles from the movies and tv shows
Collections allow combining NFTs into a single set with a common idea, style and a set of distinctive characteristics unique to it
Simple, powerful and secure custodial wallet for crypto. Users can easily receive, hold, swap and send all assets listed on the exchange

Partnership stages

Define product scope with a client
Hyperflex Studio adopts product in accordance with the scope
Client prepare content (pictures, video, 3d, etc) for NFT creation
–°lient receive access to account and upload content on the platform, set up sale dates, prices
NFT campaign review and settlements between Hyperflex Studio and Client. Earnings will be sent by bank transfer with fiat money
Marketing launch of the platform, pre-mint and minting activities. Client earn on primary and secondary sales
New activity planning. Steps 1-6

Smooth user experience

Mobile first solution for people on the move, surfing everywhere and deciding fast
Administrator interface for business, which helps with bulk upload, user and asset management

Technical innovations

Availability to mint NFTs on the fastest and cheapest blockchain Everscale increase sales volumes and allows flexible price policy
Ethereum ERC-721 and ERC-1155 contracts support audited by OpenZeppelin for a worldwide standard collections
Built-in Custodial crypto wallet with high-level security by Scalable Solutions helps newbies start their Web3 experience easier
A revenue payments by wire transfer with fiat money or in crypto

Flexible solution

Bring your community NFT project to life based on Yello platform. Get inspired by our featured products